How to Open Zip Files on Pixel Phones (without installing any additional app)

Google Pixel Phones are loaded with many features and also getting Pixel Feature Drop from time to time via updates making them more useful smartphones.

Many times we receive ZIP files as an email attachment or by any other mean and want to open and unzip it for use. But not all smartphones support opening and extracting of ZIP files without installing any 3rd party app.

You might have searched about it online and found that it requires to install an additional app – Files by Google. But you can open, view and extract your ZIP files without installing any such apps.

Pixel phones have a pre-installed file manager app – Files (It’s a different from Files by Google: Clean up space on your phone). Through this app you can open, view and unzip your ZIP files.

Below are the steps to open ZIP files on Pixel Phones without installing any additional apps.

1. First, open “Files” app on your phone. It’s a file manager app by Google and it’s pre-installed on your Pixel phone.

Files App on Google Pixel 3a Device
Choose “Files” from the app list

2. After opening the “Files” app, locate the ZIP file you want to open.

Screenshot showing a Sample ZIP file
A sample ZIP file

3. Just tap on that ZIP file and you can see the files inside that ZIP file. For example, if there’s a PDF file in it, you can open and view it. If you just want to open and view the files then you can stop reading here. You have it.

File compressed inside a ZIP File
An image compressed in a sample ZIP file

But, if you also want to extract those files then continue with below steps.

4. Press and hold the file(s) inside that ZIP file to select them. You’ll see correct icon (✔) once they are selected.

5. Now, tap on the three vertical dots (⁝) at the top-right corner and choose ‘Extract to…’. Here you can select the folder where you want to extract those files.

Options showing file extraction
Choose ‘Extract to…’ from the options

6. After extracting the files, you can share them choosing your desired method.

7. That’s it!

This is how you can open ZIP files on a Pixel phone without installing any other app from the Play Store.

Pardon me for my English but I hope you’ll find this article helpful. If you like it, do share it.

If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to comment below.

Notes: Above screenshots were taken on a Pixel 3a device and some part of the screenshots are blurred due to security reasons.

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