Reading UX Blog and Following UX Design Trends

User experience is a constantly evolving industry these days and there are a number of developments being made daily on different user experience design fields. It is very important to stay updated and relevant on the latest conversations and ideas happening in the field of user experience design. You might be a good UX designer and know well about the stuff but reading a UX blog will help you to remain current easily and quickly. A good UX blog helps you to know a lot about the User experience design and learn a lot of good things about UX from the industry experts. Here are some of the best UX design blogs which you will find very innovative and we have included both industry leaders and niche segment blogs.

UX Booth is a Great UX Blog

If you are looking for a high quality and thorough UX blog, UX booth is the answer. The most important thing about this blog is the quality of the articles. Though the articles are long but are made of full researched content, references and suggestions for reading further. Many unique insights, perspectives and though provoking arguments are given by this blog.

Nielsen Norman Group (NNG Blog)

In NNG UX blog, all the articles are insightful and there is a detailed research backing up the content of the articles and examples to support the arguments. You won’t even regret subscribing to their Alertbox newsletter.

Boxes and Arrows

This blog does not post much content quantitatively and the frequency is not as high as other UX blogs but each article is thoughtful and well researched. The discussions range on the topics of interaction designs, information architecture and business designs. It is worth to reach every article and they are able to bring a lot of knowledge on UX design to you.

Usabilla UX Blog

It is a product providing user feedback but they run a blog as well. The posts are always excellent and unique and the monthly ‘best of’ articles are the real gems. It is a compilation series which highlights very insightful articles around the web, typically from small or more niche resources.

Smashing Magazine

For anyone looking for a technology blog, Smashing Magazine is a great resource for them. The more you explore the blog, the more you find out as a designer. In the UX Design category there are many focused articles on UX designs but other offerings in the magazine are also good and helpful.

UX Pin

It is a wire framing/prototyping tool but the UX blog present in their website is very helpful and full of resources for the UX designers. Keep an eye on the free e-books offered and the content is really interesting and relevant.

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