WhatsApp Business App is Now Available in India (How to Download it, Features and Screenshots)

We have all come to love and depend on the WhatsApp app for communicating to our friends and family. WhatsApp is popular due to its easy to use interface and installation. It also helps that it can be installed in any smartphone. But have you ever wondered how you can use them for your business?

Yes, your wishes have been fulfilled and WhatsApp has introduced its business version for commercial use and it’s called WhatsApp Business. To make things easier, you can separate the business and personal messages from your account. You can use WhatsApp Business app for free as usual to connect to its 1.3 billion users.


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Separate Business Profiles

Use the WhatsApp Business app to provide your customers with all information about your business and contact information like email ID and website address.

Communicate to Your Customers

The main use of having a WhatsApp Business app is to communicate with your prospective and present customers on real time. Save your valuable business time with broadcasts and share media messages easily.

Use Web Tools

Are you finding it difficult to use mobile to contact your customers? Use the WhatsApp Business web app on your desktop and making it easier.


  • Get your business listed as business so that your customers realize you are a legitimate business.
  • Make your business decisions on the statistics about the messages you have sent, received and read.
  • You can also contact only people you want to. Control who receives your messages and block any number.

WhatsApp Business app is available to download from the Google Play Store. It is being rolled out in phases around the world. Right now it is available in countries like the U.S. the U.K, Mexico, Italy, and Indonesia.

WhatsApp Business App is now available in India also.

How to Download WhatsApp Business App

Click on this link: http://bit.ly/wtsapb

And you’ll be landed on the WhatsApp Business app page. Then, click Install. That’s it.

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