5 Trending Smartphone Messenger Apps in the Year 2018

Messaging is the new thing in the mobile world. It is convenient, fast and cheap to send messages to your friends and family. There are a million apps which help you get in touch with all your contacts on various mobile platforms. And each has their pros and cons. Are you also looking for a messaging app to suit your needs? Take a look at these top 5 user friendly, fun and free apps for messaging:

1. Facebook Messenger

We may not have everyone’s number, but we sure do have everyone on our Facebook friend list. This app is very convenient and lets you chat with all your friends on your Facebook list. You can also share images, links and videos. You also have group chats, stickers, emojis and a lot more. It’s pretty much like the messenger on the Website.

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

2. Snapchat

Love clicking pictures and taking selfies? This app is the perfect one for you. A picture says a thousand words, sometimes it’s easier to show your friends what you are doing rather than message them. A fun app which lets you share videos and images with your friends and you can also add them to your story which is visible to all your contacts for 24 hours. Another added benefit is that the pictures don’t stay for a long time and if someone does take a screenshot you are notified about it.

Available on: Android, iOS

3. WhatsApp Messenger

The most popular app with the biggest user base. It has almost everything you can think about you can call, share photos, videos, have group chats, send messages and voice notes, location etc. You can customize your background, profile picture and the best part it automatically pulls names from your contact list. It can be used on Wi-Fi as well as mobile network and you can message anyone in the world!

Now WhatsApp has also released a separate WhatsApp Business app for businesses.

Available on: Android, iOS

4. Hangouts

Like Facebook has Facebook Messenger as its instant messaging app, Google has Hangout. It’s synced with your Gmail and Google+ contacts. You can add multiple Google accounts and manage all of them together. You can chat, send messages, links, share videos, voice call and more like every other app. One of the unique features is good quality video calling.

Available on: Android, iOS

5. Viber

Viber was one of the first few apps which offered free calling to other phones with Viber using Wi-Fi or mobile network. Now there are a lot of apps which let you do that. But if you are big fan of stickers or emojis, then this is the app for you as they have a wide variety of free and paid stickers. You can also call and record voice messages and call people who do not have Viber by getting credit.

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Some other popular apps are Google Allo, Hike, WeChat, KiK, Dasher, Line, BBM etc. There are a lot of messaging apps available for each platform which have their own unique features and uses, so choose what best suits your needs and preferences.

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