Why These 5 Social Media Sites Will Reign in 2016?

Social media has established itself firmly as an integral part of human existence now. Be it human interactions, business dealings, advertising, news and more, every aspect of our existence today has been infiltrated by social networks in a way that it is difficult to recall what life was like before the advent of these platform.

Year after year, statistics reveal that of the numerous social networking sites, only a handful seemed to have truly captured the users’ imagination. A close look at statistics published by platforms such as the Global Web Index and WeAreSocial in 2016 reveals which players will dominate the social media scene in 2016.

1. Facebook

With an estimated 1,100,000,000 unique monthly visitors, Facebook has retained the top slot in the world of social media, yet again. Transcending mediums, the social networking giant has emerged has a top player both in terms of web and mobile app traffic.

By continuously reinventing itself and introducing pioneering changes in the way social media functions, Facebook has leaped way ahead of its competition in terms of users and revenue. It won’t be wrong to say, if it’s not on Facebook, it doesn’t exist.

2. YouTube

The one social media site whose importance more SEO consultants tend to overlook is YouTube. An aggregated figure drawn from social media activity across regions, age groups, and demographics has placed this video-driven site on the number two spot in terms of popularity.

With millions of visitors and registered members, YouTube offers the perfect platform to set up dedicated channels, garner a few million views and make your content go viral.

3. Twitter

It may have failed in its endeavors to upstage Facebook and emerge as the top social networking player, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Twitter is an almost indispensible part of the social media universe.

Tweets and the concept of trending hashtags are a great way to improve your visibility in the virtual world. Yes, it takes fair share of time and effort to earn yourself a sizeable following, but once you get there, Twitter can give much-needed boost to your online promotions.

4. Google+

As per the recent statistics, Google+ has as many user accounts as YouTube, which has propelled it to the number fourth spot in the list of popular social media sites. However, the site lags behind in terms of active users. Experts believe that the Google+ ranking can be attributed to the fact it is integrated into a single sign-in used by Google users for accounts such as Gmail. Nonetheless, Google+, with a user-friendly interface and clean design, is just the platform you need to promote personal updates, blogs, and businesses.

Update: Google has shut down consumer version of Google+ on April 2, 2019.

5. Instagram

Launched in 2010, Instagram is the youngest of the social media platforms to have made it to the top-five list for the year 2016. This speaks volumes about the soaring popularity of the visuals-based social networking platform. From movie stars promoting upcoming films to brands unveiling their new line of products, Instagram has been the hub of promotional activities in the past year and is likely to retain that charm in 2016 as well.

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