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PUBG: The Game that Came to Rule the Gaming Zone

It entered the gaming world in 2017 and since then it has been the part of every conversation of game lovers. Yes, it is Player Unknown’s Battleground, our PUBG. There are plenty of battle games but this, the winner of best game 2018 on Google play, is one of a kind.

PUBG is a you versus multiplayer game where 100 plus fighters play for their survival. The game has options for solo or multiplayer and your gang of friends can fight for a mission together. As a beginner, you can watch top PUBG videos for strategies.

The adventure begins with you being dropped down in an area from a plane. The players then search for places to be equipped with weapons. With soldier’s vibes, one has to kill the enemies. More people you kill, longer you live. It also gives the treasure hunt feel. You never know what you can find in a box or a building. The game is on its fifth gear in India and once you get the feel of it you will fall in love with the action.

It’s trending on social media as well. PUBG live Streaming by YouTubers has given a string of channels dedicated to the game. Players upload their best PUBG mobile videos on TikTok, Facebook or WhatsApp. This game is literally everywhere, follow it for fun!

If you want to see top PUBG videos or live streaming, we’ve listed below the best PUBG YouTubers. Follow or subscribe to their channels for amazing PUBG videos and learn tactics to grab “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”.

12 Best PUBG PC/Mobile YouTubers

1. Shroud

Shroud on YouTube

2. sprEEEzy

sprEEEzy on YouTube

3. chocoTaco

chocoTaco on YouTube

4. MortaL

MortaL on YouTube

5. WackyJacky101

WackyJacky101 on YouTube

6. Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo Gaming on YouTube

7. Panda – Pubg Mobile

Panda - Pubg Mobile on YouTube

8. Gareebooo

Gareebooo on YouTube

9. Levinho

Levinho on YouTube

10. Ryan superNayr

Ryan superNayr on YouTube

11. Toska

Toska on YouTube

12. RRQ D2E esport

RRQ D2E esport on YouTube

*Subscribers’ numbers in above images are not latest and real-time.

We keep updating/expanding this list from time to time along with new Seasons and changes come to PUBG.

In December 2018, version 0.10 was released to PUBG Mobile. New PUBG update v0.11 has also been released with many new changes.

You can also suggest us your favorite PUBG YouTuber or your own YouTube channel (if you are a PUBG streamer) in the comments below.

We’ll consider them and see if they can be added to the above list. Below two are primary elements we consider before adding any YouTuber to the above list.

  • Player must have uploaded videos/live streaming in the recent couple of months OR currently uploading/streaming on YouTube.
  • Genuine players only. No hackers.

Looking forward to your suggestions in the comments below.

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2 years ago

where the fek is sevou?

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iLham PUBG
iLham PUBG
3 years ago

I’m a Mix Player In PUBG Mobile gameplay now you
I have m416 glacier – AKM seven sees –
AWM – UMP5 – Scr-L this all mixed weapons.
the link is below:

Deba gamer
Deba gamer
3 years ago

I’m a pubg player and that’s my channel link : please support me

MH Totul
MH Totul
3 years ago

I am a new PUBG PC/Mobile YouTubers