PUBG Mobile Getting New Update 0.11 – What’s New?


What’s new in PUBG Mobile Update 0.11?

PUBG Mobile getting the new update version 0.11. Below are a few major changes included in this update.

Major Changes

  • Zombies have arrived. A new limited time event ‘Survive Till Dawn’ is available to play in Erangel along with Zombies.
  • Moonlight weather added to Vikendi map.
  • Resident Evil 2 theme, music and outfits are added.
  • Sanhok is now available to play a quick match in Arcade mode.
  • It’s time PUBG’s first anniversary and thus you’ll see Anniversary Treasure event, Anniversary avatar, frames and emotes are also available.
  • Push to talk option is also available now.

Misc. Improvements

  • Now you can disable shadows in the settings.
  • A few houses in the Vikendi map are redesigned.
  • Two types of voices are now available for quick chat – Classic and Default voices. Classic voices are the old ones which were in the game at first.
  • New profile layout.
  • Now you can decline ‘jump together’ invitation for 10 seconds if someone is constantly sending you irritating invitations.
  • Added player spaces.
  • In war modes now you’ll have double ammo for Assault Rifles and SMGs.
  • Past results are now available for upto 1 month only. Older data will be removed.

Are you not able to mark supplies and enemy from quick chat after updating to 0.11?

There are many users reporting that after updating to PUBG Mobile v0.11 they are not able to mark enemy and supplies from the quick chat. Here are the steps how you can enable them again.

First of all, this feature is NOT completely removed from the game. It’s just removed from the default quick chat options and you can easily added them back.

Just go to the Settings > Quick Chat and add ‘Enemies ahead’ and ‘I got supplies’ back to your in-game quick chat list. Save the settings and you’ll see both options are back now in the quick chat while playing the game.




Vikendi map is now available for download. It’s around 134mb in size. However, Vikendi map is not available for matching yet. This map will become available for playing at 0:00 UTC, 21st December 2018.


Today, PUBG Mobile started getting new update version 0.10. This update is available for both Android and iOS devices. This update is also rolling to Tencent Gaming Buddy (Emulator).

This new update includes:

  • Vikendi Map – New 6km x 6km Snow map (It’s not live yet)
  • Snow theme added to main menu
  • Updated layouts for controls with large icons and other changes. It’s very useful for players with large hands.
  • New commands added to quick chat
  • Cross server matchmaking. Before PUBG players were being matched with players playing on the same server. After this update, if you enable this feature, you can play with other players of same tier playing on a different PUBG server.
  • Players can now report while spectating after dying.
  • Firearms finish upgrade system
  • Season spending rewards updated
  • Players those exiting matches after starting will now be banned from matchmaking for a period of time.
  • Chat system will now use less memory and store more messages.
  • And many other changes. You can find detailed release notes of v 0.10 here.


Many users are confused that they are not seeing Vikendi map even after the new update. Here is the answer to their question: New Vikendi Map will be available for download on 20th December (0:00 UTC) and matchmaking 24 hours later.

You can download new update via Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS).

We’ll update more information about new Vikendi map once it’s live.



PUBG, Player Unknown’s Battleground, has gained so much popularity worldwide, especially in the Asian countries like India, China, Indonesia and Vietnam. You can find the best PUBG videos online or follow these PUBG YouTubers to watch live streaming on YouTube.

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