10 Best Instagram Photo and Video Downloader Apps

Standing in 2021, Instagram is still amongst one of the leading social media platforms out there. With 1 billion monthly active user across the world, it is the best platform for sharing photos, and videos.

Every second, 1074 photos are being uploaded on Instagram. Sometimes you come across some photos and videos that you want to save. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow users to directly download photos and videos from its platform. So how do you download videos from Instagram app?

The solution is an Instagram photo-video download app. In this post, we are going to suggest to you some of the best video downloader apps for Instagram.

Important Notes

You should always take permission from the users before reposting their videos or photos. Make sure you give them appropriate credit in your post.

Ratings and reviews are not real-time. They will be updated from time to time.

Some apps may require in-app purchases.

Instagram Videos, Photos, Stories and Reels Downloader Apps

Here is a curated list of the best apps to download Instagram photos and videos. Let’s start with an app which is available for both Android and iOS devices, then Android-only and iOS-only apps.

Instagram Photo and Video Downloader App – Android and iOS

1. FastSave

Screenshots of FastSave Android app

Now you can download videos from Instagram app whenever you want with FastSave. This is one of the best video saver apps you will find out there. As the name suggests, it is faster than other video saver apps.

With the help of this app, you can browse, save photos and videos to your device for free. Not just that, but it also allows you to view photos and videos offline. After saving the posts you can even repost them whenever you want.

This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.


  • One click download
  • Save multiple videos and photos
  • Safe to use
  • View photos and videos offline
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Slideshows
  • Secret locker
  • Dark mode

Price: Free

Ratings and Reviews

Android: 3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5) – 1M Ratings

iOS: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5) – 42K Ratings

Download: Google Play Store | App Store

Instagram Photo and Video Downloader Apps – Android

Below are the Android-only apps to download photos, reels, stories and videos from Instagram app.

2. Repost for Instagram – Regrann

Screenshots of Repost for Instagram - Regrann Android app

Regrann is regarded as the best Instagram video downloader app and for all the right reasons. This is a 100% free app that comes with loads of features. It allows you to repost photos and videos on Instagram without adding watermarks. You can also use the app to save Instagram photos to your phone.

It also has a scheduling feature that makes it more convenient to use it. But the best part is you can repost photos and videos without leaving the Instagram app. Unlike other apps, it doesn’t require any login. Just open the app and start downloading the photos and videos you like.


  • No login required
  • Easy to download
  • Simple and powerful
  • Enable/disable watermarks
  • Add pre-set signature automatically

Price: Free

Ratings and Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5) – 454K Ratings

Download: Google Play Store

3. Saver Reposter for Instagram

Screenshots of Android app - Saver Reposter for Instagram

This may not be the first app to help you download and repost Instagram photos and videos, but it is surely one of the best. With the help of this app, you cannot only repost photos on Instagram but also save them to your phone. It is a fast app that operates smoothly to give you a great user experience.


  • Save downloaded media in your phone gallery
  • Fast and smooth
  • Ability to copy hashtags only

Price: Free

Ratings and Reviews: 3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5) – 90K Ratings

Download: Google Play Store

4. Downloader for Instagram: Photo & Video Saver

Screenshots of Downloader for Instagram: Photo & Video Saver Android app

If you are looking for the best app to save Instagram videos, this could be the one for you. It has received a 4.7-star rating from users which shows that they are satisfied with the performance of the app.

It is a user-friendly app that allows you to download videos and images from Instagram without any hassles. All you need to do is copy the image or video link and paste it into the app. It will automatically download that video/image and save it on your device. You can even download and save IGTV videos.


  • Quick download
  • Can download IGTV videos and reels
  • Save downloaded files on your device
  • Share downloaded files on social media
  • Play videos offline with the in-built player
  • Instagram Reels downloader

Price: Free

Ratings and Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5) – 256K Ratings

Download: Google Play Store

5. Quick Save

Screenshots of Android app - Quick Save

Lastly, we have Quick Save which is a top-rated Instagram photo and video downloader app. This app is known for its plethora of features. Besides saving Instagram photos and videos, it can do a lot of things.

It provides the facility to save/download images and videos with just a few taps. Compared to other apps, it is fast and easier to use. With this app, you can create 9 grid images for your Instagram. It has more amazing features that make it stand out from the other apps.


  • Material design interface
  • Fast download speed
  • Create 9 grid images
  • Sharing photos and videos on other social media platforms

Price: Free

Ratings and Reviews: 3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5) – 37K Ratings

Download: Google Play Store

Instagram Photo and Video Downloader Apps – iOS

Here is a list of iOS-only apps to download Instagram videos, stories, reels and photos.

6. Reposter for Instagram

Screenshots of iOS app - Reposter for Instagram

This is possibly the best app to save Instagram videos on iPhone. From photos to videos to stories, you can repost it all. You can even repost IGTV videos to your Instagram account. Unlike other apps, you don’t have to deal with any watermark.


  • Copy caption automatically
  • No watermark on your reposts
  • Mark photos or videos as favourites
  • Schedule posts to repost later
  • Repost unlimited photos and videos
  • Ability to add attribution

Price: Free

Ratings and Reviews: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) – 2.5K Ratings

Download: App Store

7. Story Reposter for Instagram

Screenshots of Story Reposter for Instagram iOS app

If you are wondering how to save Instagram videos, Story Reposter for Instagram is the answer for you. This is a wonderful app that allows you to repost all your favourite videos and photos on Instagram. With this app, you no longer have to take screenshots of photos. It also has a full-featured Photo Editor with stickers.


  • User-friendly
  • Includes a photo editor
  • Has a good collection of stickers
  • Free trial period

Price: Free

Ratings and Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5) – 14.3K Ratings

Download: App Store

8. Repost+ for Instagram

Repost+ for Instagram iOS app screenshots

According to users, this is hands down, the best app to repost photos and videos from Instagram. The best thing about this reposting app is that it is free of ads, so you can use it freely without getting annoyed. It allows you to repost multiple photos and videos at once. Not just that, but you can even schedule your reposts as per your wish. The app is updated regularly with new features, so you can get the most out of it.


  • Custom captions
  • No ads
  • Hashtags
  • Scheduling reposts
  • More suitable features for Influencers and businesses (paid)

Price: Free

Ratings and Reviews: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5) – 89.1K Ratings

Download: App Store

9. Repost for Instagram #Repost

Screenshots of iOS app - Repost for Instagram #Repost

This is yet another best video saver app for Instagram. But before we talk about it, you should know that it is a free to download app but it requires a subscription plan to use the app. However, it does provide a free trial period, so you can check whether you want to pay for the app or not.

The app has two monthly subscription packages including a 1-month plan and a 12-month plan. The subscriptions are renewed automatically, so you don’t have to bother yourself.


  • Free trial period
  • Easy to use
  • No ads
  • Dark mode
  • Repost photos, videos and stories

Price: Free

Ratings and Reviews: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5) – 62.5K Ratings

Download: App Store

10. Repost for Instagram

Screenshots of iOS app - Repost For Instagram

The next Instagram video downloader app we have is Repost for Instagram. With the help of this app, you can repost all your favourite photos and videos with ease. The app looks simple, but it is packed with many powerful features that make it stand out from the rest. It can automatically save Instagram captions to the clipboard. If you don’t want any watermarks on your pictures, you can remove them. Last but not the least, it allows you to check your repost history.


  • Automatically save caption in the clipboard
  • Watermark can be removed or modified
  • Check your repost history
  • Repost all photos & videos

Price: Free

Ratings and Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5) – 19.1K Ratings

Download: App Store

So these are the best apps to download Instagram photos, videos, stories and Instagram Reels. Download any of these apps and save all those videos, stories, photos, reels, and IGTV videos that you like on Instagram. We have included both Android and iOS apps in the list.

Once again, you shouldn’t use these apps to save photos and videos from Instagram app without permission of the original creator. If you repost the videos and photos, don’t forget to give credit to the respective user. Also, check out Instagram’s copyright policy before reposting any content.

We Heard You

Based on the feedback received from our readers, we’ll add Web Apps/Websites to download Instagram videos and Reels very soon. We’re already working on it.

We’ll shortlist a few web apps or websites and then test them for safety, mobile browser compatibility, quality, etc. and then update here with all the necessary information. Stay tuned and keep sharing your valuable feedback with us!

Let us know how useful do you find these apps? You can share your app suggestions in the comments below.

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