It’s a 10! Top 4 New Features of Windows 10

Update: Windows 11 is going to launch later this year (2021) with amazing new features. You can find more information about Windows 11 release date and compatibility on this post.

So it appears that the makers of the Windows OS felt that the next version after Windows 8 would be so impactful that they skipped calling it 9 and opted to name it Windows 10. However, it must be mentioned at the outset that Windows 10 is not completely innovative.

In fact it represents an attempt to address some of the concerns detractors from Windows 10 would have had whilst introducing new features. To help you to understand better what you will be able to observe from the new Windows 10, we have compiled the top 4 new features of Windows 10.

1. Something Old

One of the major sore points users of Windows 8 had was the absence of the beloved start menu. Windows 10 has conceded that this was a faux pas in the conceptualization of Windows 8 and had returned this traditional Windows OS feature much to the delight of Windows fans.

2. Cortana

Ever wondered when Windows would get its own ‘Siri’ well, wonder no more. Windows 10 gives us Cortana Microsoft’s very own novice-controlled digital assistant for desktop users. Therefore, with just a few words, you can search, browse or perform any other function for which several keystrokes would be required.

3. Microsoft Edge

Undoubtedly, one of the primary reasons for the loss of popularity of the Microsoft brand is its browser Internet Explorer which has long been relegated to the museum of archaic browsers that were just sky of being considered defunct. The Microsoft team has pulled out all the stops and has come up with the ‘Microsoft Edge’ if nothing else, it sounds pretty exciting!

The new browser’s features include PDF support, optimized appearance of long articles and a feature which facilitates note taking. With this feature, you can write on any page to do a multiplicity of things including commenting on social media platforms. One of the most innovative things about this app is that it is designed to facilitate collaboration with Cortana so that she can pull information from pages you have browsed to collate useful information, such as directions to a meeting you have or to a new restaurant you want to check out.

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4. Continuum

It is patently clear that Windows 10 has gone above and beyond to prove that the Microsoft brand is still very relevant and is able to compete with other popular OS brands. Therefore, Continuum has sought to make itself friendly for use with hybrid laptop-tablet devices which have quickly grown in popularity.

Continuum as the name subtly suggests bridges the gap between the dual character of the laptop-tablet device to make the user’s switch between either mode seamless. Continuum allows the system to detect if a keyboard or mouse has been plugged in and as such the device automatically begins to function like a laptop.

When these accessories are removed a notification automatically comes up asking whether or not the user is desirous of activating the tablet mode. When you reconnect the accessories just the opposite query is automatically asked.

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