6 Most Popular Gaming Consoles of 2015

Gaming consoles started out on a low note as a mere single-function device, and remained so in the first decade of their introduction in the market. It was only after Sony revolutionized the gaming world with the launch of PlayStation 2 that consoles became an indispensable part of entertainment hubs worldwide.

Today, gaming enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new, exciting machines that not only take their present gaming experience a notch higher but are also future ready with an ability to supplement and support new technology and peripherals emerging on the gaming scene such as a Fortnite AirPods case and gaming headphones with mic. Here is our list of popular gaming consoles that have been ruling the roost in 2015:

6. Nintendo Wii Mini

As the name suggests, the Nintendo Wii Mini is all about packing a big punch with a small size. This lightweight, compact and small-sized gaming console can be used to play all Wii games. However, it does not support download of online games and does not play GameCube discs either. Modestly priced at $99.99, this gaming console is all about value for money and making the gaming experience affordable for everyone.

5. Xbox 360 Video Game Console

When software giant Microsoft launched Xbox 360, it quickly outdid its competitors to vie for the top spot in the gaming console market. Many even hailed it as the best gaming console ever made, though a section of PlayStation fans didn’t seem too impressed. The Xbox 360 has since stood the test of time and remains one of the best gaming consoles in the market even today.

4. Sony PlayStation Vita

Of all the gaming consoles introduced in the market so far, the PlayStation Vita by Sony is perhaps the most technologically advanced; perhaps even a little ahead of its time. The console makes for a great gaming experience, provided you have $200 to spend on a gaming console and foot the hidden costs involved in purchase and download of certain games and features.

3. Hyperkin Retron 3 Video Game System

The Hyperkin Retron 3 Video Game System is not in league with PlayStation and Xbox in terms of its popularity, yet it may be worth considering since it designed to support some of the best gaming systems available today. From Sega Genesis to Super Nintendo and Nintendo, the Hyperkin Retron 3 is all about variety. Getting used to the wireless controls of this console may take some patience and regular practice.

2. Microsoft Xbox One

Throw in the mix of gaming consoles some integrated control, striking graphics and live TV control and you get the magnificent Xbox One. Any list of gaming consoles cannot be complete without this electronic marvel from Microsoft that is not just a gaming console but a complete entertainment hub in itself.

1. Sony PlayStation 4

If PlayStation 2 revolutionized the gaming world, PlayStation 4 has definitely kept up the frenzy. It is hands-down the best gaming console available in the markets today. The PlayStation 4 offers an exciting gaming experience by offering a lucrative great variety of games, engaging features and long-term sustainability.

No matter what your gaming needs and budget, there is a console for every segment of gamers out there. A little bit of research can go a long way in helping your find the perfect machine for your gaming experience.

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