A Complete Online Dating Guide for the Gamer Dudes

Finding someone who shares the same interest as you can be a great thing. In this case, we are talking about gamers.

Gamer dating a non-gamer, we all know how that goes down in the end. But thanks to online dating, you can now find the perfect gamer chick for yourself.

All you have to do is find a gamer dating app and you are good to go. If you are having trouble finding a gamer girl date, you have come to the right place.

How to Find a Girl Who Likes Gaming?

Girls and gaming are usually poles apart. But some girls are into gaming. Now the question is how do you find a girl like that? Well, we have some ideas for you in the pointers below.

1. Try online dating apps for gamers

Gamers usually have a hard time finding a perfect date for themselves. But you no longer have to stay single because you have online dating sites and apps for gamers.

For nerd dating, you should try out the dating apps that are solely made for gamers. These are the sites where you can find gamer boys and girls. A dating app for gamers is similar to regular dating apps. The only thing is that it is made for gamers. You can find several fishes in these platforms.

2. Mobile or computer or console games

As a gamer, you already know that you can talk to players from around the world during gameplay. Well, this could be yet another perfect spot to find the girl of your dreams.

You can talk to the female gamers playing alongside you. The good thing is that games these days come with a private chatting system. You can make good use of that. Other than that, you can also try out mobile games for couples.

3. Go to a gaming convention

If you are looking for a gamer chick, then going to a gaming convention should be a great idea for you. A gaming convention is a place where you can meet hundreds of gamers both men and women.

If you are lucky, you can even meet the person of your dreams in these gatherings. The best thing about meeting someone in these gatherings is that you can see the person face to face.

4. Join gaming groups/streaming

Another option for you is to join gaming groups online. You will come across many such gamer groups on social media platforms. You can also find gaming streamers on YouTube. All you have to do is join some of these groups and you never know when luck shines upon you.

A gamers group has all sorts of people. Even if you cannot find a date, you will surely make some good friends. Either way, it is a good option for you to try.

What are the Benefits of Dating a Gamer Girl?

When you find someone just like you, you both will have a lot in common. Most importantly, she will not complain about you not giving her time. Instead, you both can play games together and have a gamer sort of dating.

Gamers are usually more loyal than others. They mostly spend their time playing games at home. This means less drama and more gaming. Also, you don’t have to worry about them being unfaithful.

Dating a gamer means you will have a gaming partner. When the boys ditch on you, you have your girl to get your back.

Finding a gamer girl is no more a difficult task with all the dating apps available. Join any of these sites or apps and get to know the gamers around you.

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