Windows 11 will Start Rolling out October 5

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Windows 11 final release date October 5, 2021
Windows 11 Release Date – October 5, 2021


Today, Microsoft announced Windows 11 release date in its latest blog post. Free upgrade to Windows 11 will start rolling out to eligible devices on October 5, 2021. Also, PCs with pre-installed Windows 11 will become available for purchase on this day.

The free upgrade to Windows 11 will be rolled out in a phase manner. Microsoft is planning to deliver free Windows 11 update to all eligible devices by mid 2022.

Also, Microsoft said in the blog post that they will be re-launching PC Health Check app very soon to check whether your current PC is eligible for free Windows 11 upgrade or not. Meanwhile you can check out Windows 11 minimum system requirements to check for Windows 11 compatibility.




Update: Microsoft has taken down the PC Health Check app. So, you might not be able to check Windows 11 compatibility using that app. We’ll update here once the app is available again.

After six years of Windows 10, Microsoft has announced Windows 11 with lots of new features.

Windows 11 Release Date – October 5, 2021

Microsoft has not announced any specific release date of Windows 11. But Windows 10 users will get free upgrade of Windows 11 this Holiday season (around November or December). New PCs with pre-installed Windows 11 will also become available by the year end.

Microsoft is going to release the first Windows 11 insider build next week. You can get it by joining Windows Insider Program.

Microsoft has also released system requirements and list of processors compatible with Windows 11.

To check if your current Windows 10 pc is compatible and eligible for free upgrade to Windows 11, Microsoft has released a tool named PC Health Check.

Know Is Your Current PC is Compatible with Windows 11?

  • Download and Run PC Health Check app.
  • Complete the installation process. On completing the process the app will start.
  • Then click ‘Check Now’ to see whether you’re eligible for free upgrade and your PC compatible with Windows 11.
  • Then you’ll see confirmation message whether your device is compatible or not.


If it’s compatible you’ll get free upgrade to Windows 11 whenever it’s available.

If your device is not compatible then you’ll continuing receiving Windows 10 security updates until the end of support (through 14 October 2025).

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