Anti-theft Devices and Security Systems for Retail Stores

Retail outlets experience a lot of theft and shoplifting incidences in their hours of operation. Without taking precautions, they might end up counting losses every other day. It is vital to install the best anti-theft devices and systems, depending on their level of risk. The same way you strive to find the best home security systems, you should exert the same effort when shopping for anti-theft solutions for your retail business.

Many devices, strategies, and tools are available to deal with issues of theft in your store. Manufacturers have combined technology with smart anti-theft technologies that help to catch shoplifters and thieves in action. This helps to enhance theft resistance and reduce losses for the retailer.

Here are some of the top anti-theft devices used by retailers to prevent theft.

1. Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

Electronic article surveillance is an anti-theft system where tags are attached to merchandise and clothing. After every purchase, the employee has to deactivate the tag. If a shoplifter tries to leave the store with the EAS tag still intact, the sensors will trigger an alarm to alert the attendants and store owner instantly.

There are plenty of EAS devices you can use, including labels, spider tags, antennas, and much more. EAS tags use electromagnetic technology, metal detectors, radiofrequency, and sensors to prevent shoplifting.

Be careful with shoplifters though; they can use aluminum-lined bags or electronic jammers to overwhelm the system and get away with products. When purchasing your EAS systems, ensure they have anti-jamming technology.

2. Access Control Systems

Criminals can break into retail stores through unsecured or unlocked doors. Sometimes they are let in by employees who lend them the keys or leave the doors open. Employee assisted theft can be prevented through access control. This is a technology where retailers control entry to certain areas of the store, whether it be through RFID cards or fobs or interlocking doors.

They will limit entrance to areas by assigning unique codes to individual members of staff. The employees will be able to access these areas at any time. Therefore, if merchandise is found missing from the storage room, the time logs will show the particular employees who entered the room and at what time. This will make it easy to point out the culprit.

3. Merchandizing Security Systems

These are systems you can use on high-value products such as mobile phones and laptops. They allow customers to pick up and test the products while they are tethered to the display furniture.

You can use a security stand mounted on top of your furniture to display the phones, camera, tablets, and watches while they are tethered. Merchandizing security equipment includes wired grip holders and magnetic holders, and more. They come in different sizes, value, and shapes to complement the products being safeguarded.

Some of them come with built-in chargers to charge the products and offer customers upscale shopping experiences.

You can also use physical cables and locks to make it harder for shoplifters to get products from the shelves. Many stores have mirrors in the store that help to enhance the visibility of products on display. These devices are simple but effective.

4. Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems are effective in enhancing security in retail stores. Retailers can monitor all the areas of the store and receive alerts instantly when something unusual is detected. Video surveillance cameras are installed in strategic places such as the area behind the cash registers, inside the storage rooms, near the store entrance and exits and in parking lots.

Two security cameras placed for video surveillance
You’re Under Video Surveillance

When complemented by video analytics, this system can help to prevent theft and shoplifting. They can identify suspicious movements, like when a customer walks out of the store without paying.

They also provide demographics information regarding incoming and outgoing customer count to help identify the possibility of theft with high accuracy.

The cameras have facial recognition capabilities to help detect the thieves and match them with the existing criminal database.

5. Monitored Alarm Systems

Monitored alarm systems help to detect broken windows, motion, or open doors. They sound an alarm when triggered to ward off any intruders. You and your monitoring center will be alerted of the intrusion.


By investing in anti-theft systems, you will be able to monitor your inventory levels closely and prevent the losses that shoplifters cause in your store. The devices above can help make your store a smart, profitable, and efficient retail business.

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