HONOR 20 Pro: A Smartphone Experience

There are many channels for buying mobile phones. Some people like to go to the official website. Some like to go to smartphone store. No matter where you buy it, you need to understand your own needs and mobile phones in advance. This is to better choose the suitable mobile phones.

HONOR’s 20 PRO has 91.7% of the screens. The 6.26-inch screen is larger than the mainstream 6-inch screen. No matter in chasing plays or playing games, they have a good visual experience. The phone has been optimized for hundreds of APP models. Users do not have to worry about the visual impairment. It is caused by the digging screen.

This mobile phone uses the design process of 3D glass. It has a good hand feeling. The magic mirror texture is made of double-layer diaphragm. It can hide the contaminated fingerprints.

HONORr’s digital flagship series of products have been exploring the evolution of light and shadow. 20 PRO is no longer limited to flat light and shadow visual effects. Relying on the upgraded coating processing technology, the back cover has more “space” feeling.

MIC hole, type-C charging interface and horn hole are designed at the top of the body. This mobile phone has a built-in 4000mAh battery. This is enough for users who use the mobile phone frequently for a whole day. In terms of charging, it supports 22.5 W fast charging. Under the condition of no electricity, it can reach about 50% in half an hour. It takes about one and a half hours to fully charge. It is a good charging experience.

There is a noise reduction hole at the top of the fuselage. Many people mistake the sensor on the other side for infrared remote control. It is a distance sensor. When the mobile phone is placed in the pocket, it can prevent the occurrence of accidental touch.

It adopts the side fingerprint unlocking key. This means that the power key and fingerprint unlocking are combined into one. Whether it is left hand or right hand, the screen unlocking can be realized. The unlocking speed and success rate are better than the screen fingerprint unlocking.

Honor 20 PRO's side-mounted fingerprint sensor

In the aspect of fingerprint unlocking, you can choose touch unlocking or press unlocking. Those who prefer press unlocking can set it. Most people who have used screen fingerprint mobile phones have encountered the situation of fingerprint touch by mistake. If the press unlock is turned on, it is impossible to leave the fingerprint by mistake.

In terms of hardware, this mobile phone comes standard with Kirin 980 flagship processor and 8G ultra-large storage. It integrates Ark compiler, GPU Turbo3.0 technology, LINK Turbo full-network aggregation technology. It has super Bluetooth technology with a distance of more than 200 meters, intelligent life YOYO. It is equipped with AI skin measurement, graphene heat dissipation technology, 9.1 channel sky surround sound effect.

Honor 20 PRO's Camera Features

The performance of the mobile phone is smooth. It is worth mentioning that it has the ability to take photos. Whether it is normal shooting during the day, or 30 times zoom function, or super wide-angle shooting. It has flagship performance. This is a smart phone with a good experience.

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