How To Use Ebook For Affiliate Marketing?

For people who want to work online and make some money, affiliate marketing is the way to go for them. Unfortunately, most of these people do not even know how to create a functional website. How can you expect them to know of techniques to establish affiliate relationships, use SEO, PPC advertising, or email marketing? That is why an affiliate marketing guide will be a crucial investment of their time.

Affiliate marketing involves selling the products or services created by other people through an affiliate program. And earning a commission when you do so.

One way to start affiliate marketing is through ebooks. Affiliate marketing through the use of ebooks is a hot topic nowadays. Ebooks are always a go-to for people looking for a story or anything informational regarding a subject or field.

So, you can rest assured that whatever topic of the ebook you write about, it will sell online without any hassle. However, we are writing this article to explain how to write an ebook that will sell through an affiliate marketing program and earn you residual cash. The steps involved with writing such an ebook are listed down below:

Choose a Topic that Aligns to Your Niche

If it is your first ebook writing experience, choose a topic to write freely about and possess extensive knowledge. You might know about something more than other people and would want to share your knowledge and experience through an ebook.

You can also search the internet for specific topics even if you are not an expert on them. Those who own a blog or website for sharing instructional content can use the ebook software to add a professional touch to your marketing campaign.

However, you should conduct some research before you settle on a topic for your ebook. A wise step would be to visit an online ebook store such as the Amazon Kindle store and search for books that are selling well.

Once you find these books, look at what they pertain to. If books related to the topic you have in mind sell well, go for it. If you are creating an ebook to help people learn the drums, you should make your ebook about a niche, such as teaching children how to play the drums. It has a better ring than how to play the drums, right?

Find an Effective Affiliate Program

It is wise to find the perfect affiliate marketing platform when you want to write an ebook that pertains to selling the product or services of other people. You should then partner up with this affiliate platform. The more reputable the affiliate platform, the better chances you will have of selling your ebook.

There are a few ways to search for such affiliate marketing platforms. To start, you can also go on Google and search for some. For example, if you want to write a book telling others to buy drums from a specific provider, search for affiliate programs for drums or drum affiliates on Google. Dozens of search results will come up searching for something like this.

However, do not forget about the most popular and oldest online affiliate marketing platform for ebooks It has an affiliate marketing program that is the first choice of anyone looking to sell an ebook, whatever the topic may be.

The commission percentage they offer is on the low side, but it will get you thousands of conversions. Other online ebook selling platforms include Commission Junction or ClickBank. They both have tons of companies looking for affiliates such as you to promote their services and products through ebooks or any other form of affiliate marketing tool.

Choose to Write the Ebook Yourself or Use Professional Writing Services

The next step is to write the ebook yourself or hire professional writers to ensure that your ebook has quality material. Avoid making the start of your ebook sound like a sales advert. Carefully but, passively link the content inside your ebook to the affiliate.

Then, in the later sections of the book, make a case for why individuals should buy specific products or services. However, the issue that you should address first is the quality of content. These include ensuring that your ebook is grammatically correct and there are no formatting mistakes.

Then, you have to make sure the ebook is super helpful. If it does not fulfill these two requirements, your ebook will have bad reviews online. These bad reviews will kill any chance of selling on the Kindle Store.

Plus, it is just annoying that you download an ebook and the content is not helpful in any way or form. But, if your writing skills are not up to the mark, then consider hiring a professional writer for writing your ebook. There are various ebook writing services available out and about.

A quick search on Google for ebook writing services will yield you thousands of results. You can also hire freelance writers instead of professional writing services to save some cash in the process.

Pricing and Promoting the Ebook

If you want to start selling your ebook on the Amazon Kindle store, consider selling it for free when you begin the selling process. When you get some downloads and positive reviews going, go for a low introductory price and slowly increase it with time and increase in popularity. These ebooks take time to sell, so consider keeping their cost as low as possible. You will be earning a lot from affiliate commissions.

Now, consider marketing your ebook through various marketing channels other than the Amazon Kindle store. You would not want to use one marketing platform only and keep all your eggs in one basket. You can market it through paid advertising, blogs, review copies, or social media.

You can use offline marketing techniques such as newspaper, tv/radio adverts, or billboards. Although, people who just started do not have the money for paid marketing techniques. Consider creating a website and market it on the website to ensure spending the least amount of money possible.


The most crucial thing when writing an ebook is to ensure that its content is engaging. Sure, anybody can write an ebook these days. But not everyone can come up with quality content about their interests and likes. Not everyone can turn their passion or interests into a form that will be digestible to the readers.

To ensure that your affiliate ebook is up to standards, follow these tips for writing an ebook for affiliate marketing. These will ensure that you follow all ebook writing best-practices, allowing it to sell in the thousands, if not millions.

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