Is It Good for Kids to Have a Computer?

The jury is out, kids’ tech is a hot topic of debate. Some specialists say that kids technology is great. It’s educational and gives them a skill for life. Other’s say it’s damaging to eyesight and even more damaging to social skills.

So, what is the truth, and what should you buy if you’re going to go ahead with a computer for your kids?

The Way of The Future

The difficulty with not allowing your children any computer time is that they could potentially fall behind in the world of technology.

Everything is going technical. Think back to just fifteen years ago; you would never have thought people would be able to serve themselves in a supermarket, or order their own food in a restaurant. Computers are a huge way of life now, and with that in mind, it is important that your child has a good grasp of them as they grow up.

School will help with this. Most schools now offer classes in information technology or computer science, which is going to give them a great understanding of the basics, but often the resources are stretched, and having a computer to use at home will not only allow them to submit homework quickly and with ease, but research faster than ever before.

Even before your children are at the age where homework requires research, there are hundreds of games out there that are educational, and often it is a very fast way for children to learn.

My two year old knows all of his letters due to a game on the iPad! He also recently had a visit to the paediatrician, who said she fully believed that these educational games could be good for children in a world where technology is developing faster than we could ever imagine!


Research suggests generally that moderation is the key. If you let your child play on the computer or iPad constantly, then they could potentially struggle with social interaction. However, giving them a set time when they are allowed to use devices could actually be a positive thing, setting them up with a skill that is necessary for a successful life nowadays.

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What Should I Buy?

To find the best computers for kids, there are a few considerations to make. Think about how much you want to spend, and what they will use it for. If it’s for browsing, emailing and word processing, then you won’t need a hugely powerful machine, as opposed to if they want to do serious gaming which requires a much larger processor and graphics system.

The best thing you can do is it seek advice from an expert, who will advise you on the most cost-effective option for your child’s needs. Lenovo’s online chat can give you some great no obligation advice, which should help you make the right decision for you and your child!

So, yes it is a good idea for a child to have a computer, but don’t feel like you can’t set time limits to encourage other interests too.

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