8 Best YouTube Channels for Kids

The most beneficial infotainment website available on the internet today is, YouTube. And the most targeted age groups for the channel subscriptions are kids and teens.

Speaking about kid’s channels, parents are very choosy in choosing the right channel for their kids as they are very influential. And teens love to learn everything from YouTube, irrespective of the topic. There are many videos that are ready for viewing- once you click on it, unknowingly an ad pops up and your kid is introduced to an inappropriate content.

Choosing the correct channel out of million options is of course, challenging! Here we are, to help you guys by sorting some of the useful and best kids YouTube channels which are worth watching!

These YouTube channels for Kids are carefully selected considering how useful they are for kids to learn something new, help them think creatively and of course having kids-friendly fun and entertainment.

Useful and Best Kids YouTube Channels Worth watching

1. Super Simple Songs

The adorable animated nursery rhymes and children’s songs are what Super Simple Songs is offering. There are a lot of educational shows and videos which are highly Motivative and influential. The basic habits are delivered to the kids through animated videos.

2. SimpleCrafts

They have a catchy motto for their channel i.e., “Recycled, easy crafts which really work”, and it offers more than 700 DIYs for kids to do this summer season. Almost all the activities require minimum requirements and it is easy to do with their detailed explanation.

3. Crash Course Kids

This is the channel which compiles on grade school science. This will help your kid learn subjects like physical science, life science, engineering and more with effective visuals, explanations and good animations, which are really easy for kids to learn.

4. The Brain Scoop

It gives you a glimpse behind the scenes of a natural museum of history. Your kid can have a virtual trip to the animal prep lab, demonstrations of earth science concepts and infotainment about animals and species.

It has been recognized by NPR, The New York Times and many other recognized bodies and has also received a huge support from the National Science Foundation for its tremendous process of delivering the scientific research videos. It also has a grossometer and disclaimer section, so that you can check if it’s worth to be watched by your kid!

5. MinutePhysics

Through this channel, you can learn a wide range of concepts related to physics- from the nature of gravity to how the sun works. Using illustration and voice-over, the episodes simplify the complex ideas, making science relatable, fun and understandable for kids.

6. Geek Gurl Diaries

This channel takes you through a brief ride from introduction to computers upto programming basics and even on how to build a computer. Here, the teenagers are given an opportunity to expose themselves to the most creative scientific careers which they had previously dismissed. The host of the channel, Carrie Anne wants this channel to be effective to those teens, which can discover their interest in the tech domain, which Anne had never had at her teenage!

7. Make Anything

The videos feature answers to problems solved with 3D printing, while other videos focus on projects which are created with a 3D printer by the host Devin Montes. It is channel for those who love and are passionate about 3D printing and designing.

8. Cool School

It covers language, reading, art class, and many more for kids. They can find their favorite teachers in Ms. Booksy, Crafty Carol, Jim Class and other characters which is the real fun!


And the list goes on which has no end! The major parenting agenda must be to focus on the right path in which your kid is walking, because the seedling has to be the proper one!

But do not force your kid to watch only the specific channels, because out of curiosity – the teens are heading towards wrong direction. Treat them as your buddy, trust them, talk to them with patience- trust me, they’ll never urge to find a friend other than you! Happy Parenting!

If you’re looking for the best channels about science, history, and more subjects for your 12 year old, check out these educational YouTube channels for young teens.

You can also download YouTube app specifically designed for kids – YouTube Kids. It’s available for Android and iOS devices.

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