OSRS Get Gold Fast Guide

This article has been created to show our readers the most efficient ways of earning Old School RuneScape (OSRS) Gold. As any avid RS player will know, gold is essential to a player making their way through the game. With RuneScape having been a popular game for over twenty years, the developers never let players run short of quests, most of which require specific items, weapons, and armor.

To correctly stock inventory, players will need their fair share of gold, which is why we are here to showcase the best ways for players to acquire it. This guide will explore free and pay-to-play methods of earning OSRS Gold, but we will first look at the free-to-play options. Of course, there is also the additional option that many players opt for to save the most time.

This final option is using a gold vendor. Many players choose to buy OSRS gold as it offers larger quantities of gold in a shorter time. With that being said, let’s get into how we can save the most time in-game.

Free-To-Play Money Making

There are many ways for players to earn some extra currency in Runescape. Unfortunately,
however, many of the options available for acquiring OSRS Gold are restricted for pay-to-play members.

Flipping Items

This is arguably the easiest and fastest way to quickly make a lot of gold, as players simply
purchase high-demand items and sell them at a higher price. However, despite the tempting profits, this method is wildly unpredictable as the supply and demand for items vary.

Kill Chickens

By heading to Fred the Farmer Farm, players can get their hands on quite a few chickens to sacrifice. The bones and feathers of which can then be sold at the Grand Exchange in return for Gold. This method is a sure-fire way for beginners of the game to build up their bank as there is often an abundance of chickens to be had.

Superheat Runite Ore

Filling their inventory with Runite Ores and repeatedly casting the Superheat spell on them will turn the Ores into Rune Bars. This method is considered one of the easiest ways for a player to make money in OSRS; unfortunately, it is also the most boring. Each of these bars can be sold for 417 Gold, and this method additionally increases players’ XP for Magic and Smithing.

Pay-To-Play Money Making

In this guide segment, we will be looking into the pay-to-play options for players when acquiring OSRS gold. Several extra options are available to pay-to-play members, so let’s check them out now.

Dragon Leather

When players slay dragons, they receive Dragon Hides. These hides can then be made into
leather via a portable crafting station. If players are lucky enough to strike at the right time, the amount of gold received for selling can be pretty beneficial. However, much like flipping items, this practice can be somewhat unreliable, with varying payouts from each sale.

Collect Bananas

Another practice similar to the free-to-play option of killing chickens is collecting bananas.
Players can head to Musa Point with a Ring of Duelling, an Amulet of Glory, and some baskets to begin their collection. To be rewarded for this task, each basket must hold five bananas. Again, the items required to make this method worthwhile are members only; to carry out this practice without them can prove pointless.

Herb Cleansing

This money-making method comes with some requirements; players must be of at least Level 99 Herblore and be in possession of the Herblore cape. There must also have enough gold to begin investing. Players are required to locate and identify herbs that will be the most beneficial financially. Once they are aware of which herbs are currently in high demand, they can invest in them, cleansing large amounts quickly to receive their gold reward.

Cursed Energy

Cursed Energy can be harvested from Wisps with little difficulty; players can then convert them into Incandescent Energy in Edgeville. These Incandescent Energies sell for 291 Gold, and there is no cap on how much players can earn from this method. However, using this method to farm your gold can be a risky process. In order to acquire cursed energy, players must visit the Cursed Wisp Colony.

This colony is in a level 25 Wilderness area, and the possession of Cursed Energy means any level player can kill players. Another downside to this method is that players cannot teleport when in possession of cursed energy, meaning there is another restriction in place when taking on this task.

More Money-Making Methods

Now that we have covered the fastest ways to get gold in OSRS, we can move on to some
more methods for acquiring the much-needed gold. These alternate methods won’t get players their gold quite as fast but are no less compelling.


Much like Flipping, this brings with it an unstable reward, though players must be more cautious. This method can result in a ban due to the methods used to Merch items. This is because players must buy certain items that are in constant fluctuation and later sell them for a high-profit reward.

Collecting Steel Body Plates

This free-to-play Money-Maker game is a great way to start for players in pursuit of OSRS gold. First, though, players should note that this is a risky method, much like some of the others in this guide. This is for a few reasons, those being that there is price fluctuation, meaning it is possible for a dip in the market to cause a loss. Additionally, the Lava Maze that players need to get to in order to acquire the Body Plates is in the Wilderness.

Though there are many other methods that players can use to acquire OSRS gold, this guide is compiled of the ways we have found best to assist our readers in their pursuit of acquiring OSRS gold quickly. We sincerely hope that this guide has helped our users get their hands on all the gold they need to succeed.

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