VALORANT: 10 Community Tips to Help You Become a Better Player

Do you think ranking in Valorant is tough? Maybe you are just stuck in your head and do not know what is wrong with your gameplay. If you also want to improve your gaming skills at a faster rate, well, we would love to share some common factors why players feel in a slump that you can avoid improving your rankings. You can also check to get some effective tips to become a pro player.

Here are some top 10 community tips that you can implement to become a better player!

1. Practice your aim!

Though Valorant looks like a hero shooter, it is much more than that. You can’t go firing multiple rounds if you have not aimed your opponent properly. Precision is what will help you to improve your gaming skills. Take your time, move slowly, understand the map, rather than just bunny-hopping or entering into a fight without any strategic plan.

2. Practice with agents!

If you are a beginner or have just entered into the world of Valorant, you need to learn basic skills. Try practicing with two or three agents rather than just sticking with one. This will help you develop basic game skills and learn new tactics about the game.

3. Never go solo!

Whenever you are playing an online multiplayer shooter game, especially in Valorant, you can’t go and do your things while leaving your team behind. Valorant is a squad game, where you need to coordinate with your team in order to win the matches, especially when you are a beginner. Always remember teamwork is the key to victory in Valorant!

4. Strategize! Strategize! Strategize!

In Valorant, you can never win a fight without a strategy. It is best to first plan a strategy with your team before taking a step ahead in the game. Be it about entering into your enemy’s base or moving to a different location, having a strategic plan will only prevent you from wasting away.

5. Walk and do not run!

If you need to win the game, make sure to walk and not run. Every time you run, your footsteps make a voice loud enough to allow your enemy to track you down. Running sometimes is so loud that even a small little circle appears on your minimap to tell you how far your footsteps can be heard.

Especially if you are trying to sneak up to an enemy’s position, try not to run. Walking is a bit slower but allows you to make much more accurate shots and rest without letting your enemy know your location.

6. Invest in Armor!

Yes, it is easy to get excited and invest in guns in the game but think about it you can only use these guns when you are alive. So, make sure to buy armor! Of course, buying armor won’t feel cool to many of you out there, but it is the right decision you can make if you want to improve your ranking in the game. Valorant is all about the kill-death ratio, but even if you killed 100 of your enemies without armor, you wouldn’t be able to stand a single bullet.

7. Never underestimate minimap!

If you need to improve your gameplay and increase your ranking in Valorant, make sure you make minimap your best friend. Not only will it help you to know the location of your teammate, but it will also help you to track down your nearest enemy.

Once you get to know the minimap, you can use the information to strategize the best defense at each site. Minimap also helps you to plan your route and tells the audio range of your footsteps. So, if you want to improve your gaming skills in Valorant, the minimap is a powerful tool to get you close to your victory.

8. Save your creds!

When you are new to Valorant, it can be tempting to buy different weapons before every round, but you should not do that, especially if you plan to win the game. Rather save your creds for a better deal and buys!

9. Avoid toxicity!

Like any other online multiplayer game, Valorant also has players who try to pull other players down. If you are new to the game, just mute such toxic players and avoid engaging with them. These toxic players will only ruin your fun, so it is better to stay away from them.

10. Practice! Practice! Practice!

Last but not the least, if you want to become a better player in Valorant, you need to practice. Valorant is a shooter game, and you can’t become a better player overnight. You need to practice daily to improve your skills. Be it about perfect aiming or creating a strategy, it all comes with practice.

These were some top tips sourced from the community of Valorant. Once you start getting better, there is still much more stuff out there you can search for to top the ranking of Valorant.

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