7 Helpful Tips for Mac Users

Apple is not just a company that offers technologically sound gadgets. But instead, it is a legacy that has its own history, which is never-ending. You would have noticed that every time Apple is launching a new product, the main focus is making the user’s experience much more smooth and hassle-free.

They do not believe in throwing complex technological jargons, as they believe in making life and gadgets easier to use. Plus, the best part is that Apple products really do last you for a couple of years, unlike your generic brands that come up with new products every blue moon.

So, if you have finally got your hands on a Mac, then the following tips will make your experience with a MacBook a much smoother ride.

1. Use Safari Browser

Since this is your first Mac, then there is a good chance that you have your hands tied to a specific browser. For example, Windows users are likely familiar with Firefox or Chrome.

macOS, on the other hand, comes with the built-in Safari application. Safari is the default browser for MacBooks, and you should consider using it for efficiency. After all, the app is optimized for macOS.

2. Use Screen Guards

Apple devices are strong internally, and they even look great. But, if you ever ask anyone who has been using Apple for a long time, then you’d hear one thing again and again: the device is not strong externally, and it is very delicate. So, if you happen to pick your laptop by pulling the screen one day, then there is a chance that the screen might suffer damage.

The same goes with the keyboard and the screen in general. You must have had to spend a big chunk of your savings on this laptop, and you certainly do not want to pay for damages. The only trick is to make your Mac wear a screen guard and a keyboard protector as soon as you can.

3. Sync Your Devices

Apple devices MacBook, iPhone and Apple Watch

One of the best things about Apple is that you will always have access to all of your data. Well, that is exactly as simple as it sounds. If you already own an iPhone or an iPad, then you would be happy to know that you can now sync all your data together on iCloud without doing anything.

It is an automatic process with zero interruptions. You just have to use the Apple ID on all of your devices to make it happen. So, the next time you need to use a file stored in your iPhone on your MacBook, you do not need to mail it to yourself.

4. Clean Dust

Despite the fact that MacBooks are reliable and durable, you should not expect them to run flawlessly. Sooner or later, you will notice loud noises and overheating.

Now, as far as recommendations go for fixing such an issue, your first bet should be cleaning the dust inside. The filth that accumulates inside a MacBook over time will not get rid of itself.

No, you need to do the task yourself or find someone who can clean the dust for you. Hiring someone to do the work will cost, but it is better to leave cleaning in the hands of someone with experience because taking a laptop apart and putting it back together is no easy feat.

Besides cleaning the dust inside, you should also consider getting a cooling pad, which is an accessory to lower a laptop’s temperature.

5. Check App Store

Keep an eye on the official App store so that you can find and download new applications to your computer. From entertainment to education and work productivity, there is a plethora of available apps, and plenty of them are free, meaning it would be a waste not to take advantage of the opportunity.

6. Learn Relevant Keyboard Shortcuts

A person using keyboard on a Macbook

In case you are unhappy with your productivity while using a MacBook, get in the habit of using keyboard shortcuts more frequently.

Those who are not tech-savvy and are not too familiar with computers should not push their finger memory to the limit. Instead, pick a few keyboard shortcuts from the list available on the official Apple site and work on learning them.

7. Keep Drive Clutter-Free

You might not notice how quickly you run out of disk space on the MacBook. It does not help if you have a habit of hoarding large media files instead of consuming content on streaming platforms.

Of course, it is not just media files that can clutter the computer’s drive. You also have temporary storage, old backups, localization files, downloads, email attachments, and even malware attacks.

The important thing is to create a proper maintenance routine that you can follow and keep the MacBook’s drive clean.

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