Come Play on Google Play! Facts, Apps and More

Google Play is more than what comes to the mind and has a whole range of apps both paid and free to choose from. Specifically designed to cater to some of best Android games, apps, books, audios and videos, this mammoth of a range will keep you occupied for hours!

What’s New at Play

You can also rent movies on Google Play now and with so many choices to choose from, Play has something for everyone! Also, Google Play Store makes it easier to see what’s new in each app update. So one can view what’s new in the update before installing it. Payments can be made via any method preferable by the patron. Google hosts a Play award for the most quality apps. With many new features in the Play Console, the variety of people using Play has drastically increased. Play has taken many steps to ensure app quality like beta testing and pre-launch reports.

Android Vitals allows a developer to monitor their app. Google has made big amends to their user interface and constantly strives to improve. Apart from searching for apps via names, one can use keywords to find a particular app too. These keywords are predetermined by the developer. Google play also allows you to test drive Android apps before you download them.

Some Great Lesser Known Apps

Nike + Running helps you know your location and speed as you run. Spendee is a great app as it helps to track your expenses in a unique and colourful way. Ringo is an app for low cost international calling. Hooks brings all the things you care to know about in one app. Secret Escapes is a great app for deals up to 70% of original price.

Fast Customer helps you by avoiding you from the long customer service wait and gives you a call when the person you wish to talk to is on the line. Countable is for people who wish to make a difference o their country but don’t have the will to involve themselves with politics. Pzizz is an app that helps you sleep better.

Google Lens gives you information from Google search by just taking a picture of what you would like to know about. There are many useful travel apps like Waze, TripIt and Roadtrippers for domestic and International trips.

Some Facts

Google Play continues to grow rapidly around the world, thanks to the developers building high quality app experiences. There are now 3 billion monthly active Android devices as announced in the Google I/O 2021. Google Play Store has reached close to 3.49 million apps in 2021. This leads to more developers finding success on Google Play.

Google Play allows for some offline reading too. Google plays a role in choosing what apps should be published on the Play store, not allowing sexually explicit, hate speech, harassment or bullying on their console. Google has a privacy protection installation called Play Protect, which basically keeps you protected while using Google Play. Google has also introduced Google Play System Update in Android 10 release to address security issues.

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