How to Fix Google Play System not Updating or Stuck on an Older Version

We’re getting a few reports from our readers who are stuck on an older version of Google Play System Update (like August 2021 or any other) or it’s not updating on their Android devices.

As we’ve verified on a Pixel 6 phone, the current version of Google Play System Update is January 1, 2023. But availability of the update depends on your Android Device OEM and Model. It may not be the same on your device. Check out our blog post for the full details about the latest Google Play System Update and what’s new in these updates.

Important: ‘Android Security Update’ and ‘Google Play System Update’ both are different, and they won’t necessarily have the same date.

Below are four workarounds to fix Google Play System not updating on your Android device. They are safe and do not involve any third-party apps or tools.

1. Update Google Play Store

To update Google Play store on your device, open Google Play Store > tap profile icon on the top-right corner > Settings > About > tap Update Play Store or Play Store version.

If there is an update available, you’ll see the message ‘a new version will be downloaded and installed’. It will take a few minutes and then check again whether it’s successfully updated or not. Once it’s updated, you’ll see the message ‘’Google Play Store is up to date’.

2. Update Google Play Services

To check whether Google Play Services is up-to-date or not, open Google Play Services in the Play Store or you can search ‘Google Play Services’ in the Google app. There you’ll see Google Play Services with Install. Click on it and you’ll be landed in the Google Play Store app screen.

If there’s an update available, you’ll see an Update button. If not, you’ll see the Uninstall button only. It means Google Play Services app is already up-to-date.

After applying the above two fixes, check for Google Play System Update manually (Settings > Security > Security status > tap Google Play system update > Check for update). If it’s still not working, then proceed with the below further fixes.

3. Clear Google Play Store and Google Play Services App Data

You’ll find such an option for each app in the apps list in Settings on your Android device.

Open Settings > Apps > tap See all apps > tap Google Play Store > Storage & cache > Clear storage

Perform the same steps for Google Play Services.

Caution: Be careful with this option because clearing app data will delete files, settings and databases for that app. Of course, you can always configure them again.

4. Reboot Your Device in Safe Mode

Reboot your device in Safe Mode and check for updates.

To reboot an Android device in Safe Mode:

  • Press and hold the power button until you see the power menu.
  • Now in the power menu, tap and hold Power off until you see a message about Reboot to safe mode.
  • Then, tap OK.

After restarting your Android device into safe mode, check for updates manually (Settings > Security > Security status > Google Play system update).

Hope using above workarounds you’ll be able to get the latest Google Play System Update on your Android device. After performing above all steps, if you’re still not getting the latest update, it is most likely that the update is still not available for your device.

We suggest you first check out what version is available particularly for your device (asking the person having the same device) or contact your device manufacturer.

How to Update Google Play System Manually?

Go to Settings > Security > Security status > tap Google Play system update > Check for update

Normally, Google Play System Update runs automatically in the background and when it’s ready to install, you’ll be asked to reboot your Android device. In case it’s not updated automatically, you can also check for updates manually using the simple steps above.

If there’s a new version available for your device, it will show you the download button. Then follow on-screen instructions to install the update. Check out our detailed guide about how to update Google Play System Update.

Should I sideload or use an APK to install Google Play System Update?

No. If you’re wondering whether it is safe to sideload Google Play System updates or use an APK to get the latest update then our answer is NO.

We strongly recommend you to stay away from sideloading or using APK to get the latest Google Play System Update. Using this method may make your device vulnerable to security breaches or maybe impacted by malware or viruses by injecting malicious files.

Also, chances that after sideloading you may not be able to reverse the update or your device may not get future Google System Updates via OTA.

We suggest you not to sideload Google Play System Update via an APK.

Want to know more? Get detailed information about what is Google Play System Update and how it can help you improve your device’s performance.

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