What is Google Play System Update? How to Update It?

Every month Google releases new updates to Google Play System to introduce new Play Store features and improve functionality. Google has a new support page that keeps detailed records of all system updates made to Google Play. The first roundup was posted in December 2021. In this article, we’re going to cover:

What is Google Play System Update?

Google Play System Update is also known as Google System Updates. It brings new features to make your Android devices more reliable and secure. Google provides these updates to the Android OS, Google Play Services, and Google Play Store.

Google System Updates = Google Play System Update = Project Mainline

Google Play System Updates also known as Project Mainline were introduced in Android 10. All Android 10 and newer devices receive Google Play System updates from time to time. This includes Android tablets and smartphones, Android TV, Wear OS devices, Chrome OS devices, and Android auto-enabled vehicles. These updates are sent out by Google itself.

Google Play System updates mainly to address security issues. However, they are not the same as the monthly Android security patches. These updates help fix bugs and make other necessary improvements in Android 10 and higher devices.

In recent years, Google has improved and made the updating part of the Android OS easier. Instead of having middlemen, they are focusing on reaching the updates directly to users.

Google Play System Supported Android Devices

  • Mobile Phones (Android 10 and higher)
  • Tablets
  • Android TV and Google TV Devices
  • Android Auto-enabled Vehicles
  • Wear OS Smartwatches
  • Chrome OS Devices

Why Should You Update Google Play System?

Google does an excellent job at patching vulnerabilities and fixing bugs. It sends the code to device manufacturers to patch their Android devices. But due to full support from OEMs, millions of devices go without any updates and stay vulnerable to attacks.

Instead of relying on OEMs, Google wants to gain full control over the security aspect of Android devices. By doing so, it wants to release critical bug fixes and improvements. This is where Google Play System Updates (Google System Updates) come into the scene.

They introduced Google Play System Updates with Android 10 and with Android 11 Google has added 12 more Mainline Modules and all of them must be implemented by OEMs.

What does Google Play System Update Do?

Google System Updates improves an array of services on your Android device. Google System Updates improve services like:

  • Security & Privacy: This helps secure your device and include new privacy features, so you can choose what data you share with apps on your device.
  • Account Management: It enables you to log into your Google account and manage the settings.
  • Safety and Emergency: This ensures that you receive timely alerts for both emergency and non-emergency things.
  • Games: It allows achievements, automatic sign-in, and leaderboards in game apps.
  • Wallet: It supports important digital wallet features such as digital passes, in-app purchases, and contactless payments.
  • Location Services: It helps improve accuracy and allow services and apps on your device to use your location.
  • Utilities: It includes important features such as contact syncing, data backup, restores, and auto-filling content.
  • Support: It gives you access to Google Help and also helps you to set up your data plans, device, and more.
  • Device Connections: It allows you to manage other devices that are connected to your device. It also ensures a consistent connectivity experience across Android devices such as WiFi.
  • Developer Services: It enables Google as well as third-party developers to develop, design and distribute apps that are secure and performant.

Hopefully, now the concept of Google Play Updates is clear to you. You can learn more about Google System Updates on Google’s Official Documentation.

How to Update Google Play System Manually

You can update Google Play System to the latest version by following below simple steps on any Android device.

  1. Open Settings on your Android device and tap Security.

    Security options in Settings on an Android device

  2. Under Security status, tap Google Play System Update.

    Google Play System Update in Security status in Android Settings

  3. Tap Check for update.

    Checking for Google Play System Update on an Android device

  4. If there’s any update available, the Download & install button will appear. Tap on it.

    It will start downloading the update and may require rebooting the device in order to finish the installation process.Screenshot showing Google Play System Update available and Download & install button in the bottom

Once it’s installed, you’ll be able to see the Google Play System Update latest version information in Security status (Settings > Security > Google Play system update).

Important: ‘Android Security Update’ and ‘Google Play System Update’ both are different, and they won’t necessarily have the same date.

If Google Play System is not updating or stuck on an older version, try these fixes on your Android device.

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