Should You Recycle Devices Using an ecoATM?

If you’ve noticed the kiosks at stores, you be may wondering what is ecoATM? This is a convenient service that allows you to recycle cell phones, MP3 players and tablets for cash right on the spot.

Many people have old devices around that take up drawer space and never get used again. ecoATM is a way to offload this outdated technology, while putting some money in your pocket. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s the Process?

Prep Your Tech

Take a little time beforehand to prep your devices. The important thing is to wipe old data and perform a factory reset. If there’s a micro-SD card, you’ll want to remove it and turn off any tracking apps and cloud-based storage.

Make sure items are charged, but if you forget there are charging ports available on-site. Non-working and damaged devices still qualify but may bring fewer dollars. You’re responsible for making certain things are clean, so skipping these steps is a security risk.

Visit a Kiosk

ecoATMs are not difficult to locate. They can be found in grocery stores, retail stores and malls throughout many states. Once you locate an ecoATM, the process is simple.

  • Plug the equipment in at the test station and wait for the analysis. The process is quick taking between 3-5 minutes to examine the model, condition and market value.
  • You then receive an appraisal and decide whether to sell. Any time before tapping LET’S DO IT, you can cancel the transaction.

It’s a good idea to do a little homework ahead of time and research the value of your devices. Then you have an idea of whether the quote is in range of their current value. You can recycle accessories and cases, but you won’t receive payment for those.

What’s the Big Idea?

Think Go Green

One of the real highlights of using this technology is the environmental benefits. It’s about marketing the reuse of old devices. The truth is all of these items will eventually end up in a landfill. There are currently around 300 million cellphones in use in the U.S. alone.

With regular upgrade incentives and new technologies consistently flooding the market, the waste and environmental hazards from used products are enormous. The best-case scenario is to extend the use of current devices. When the time comes to replace them, reselling, refurbishing and recycling are the best options.

A consumer-driven economy is always looking for efficient ways to reclaim waste. This technology does not necessarily check all the boxes on recycling. However, it does prolong the use of materials and keeps people mindful of green possibilities. Both positives in a disposable world.

Weigh the Options

Most people would rather not deal with the hassles of reselling phones or other devices. It’s a time-consuming process that does not always yield results. They would prefer the fast, easy process of an ecoATM, with an instant cash payout. It also saves the shipping costs or personal contact of buyer-to-seller deals.

Selling by other means could bring better payouts. However, if the devices are taking up space and have been there for months or longer, the motivation to sell on websites or through social media is probably not there. While you’re at the grocery store or mall, you can cart your items along and get cash in minutes. It’s all a matter of time and energy, which for most people are the most essential commodities these days.

The choice to use this service hinges on the desire for accessibility and instant cash rewards. The additional benefit is any thoughtful choices you make about green repurposing or recycling have lasting effects on the environment.


Image Credit: Michael Rivera / CC BY-SA

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