10 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Important in 2022

Contrary to what ordinary people think, social media is not just for killing time and fun. For instance, you can use Instagram organic growth service to boost your profile to the next level and create a business. The power of social media is unquestionable, as the reach is far greater than organic search engines.

The supplement traffic that you get from social media boosts your website or blog’s SERP. This article will explain the 10 most important reasons for which social media marketing should be used. After reading this article, you would never want to miss the huge potential of social media.

1. Stats Tell it All

The astounding stats related to social media are enough to convince your marketing team that social media must be integrated into digital marketing strategy. Take a look at the points below for more clarity:

  • About 55% of the consumers get to know about new brands through social media.
  • For better interaction with the brands, about 68% of the users prefer social media.
  • During the pandemic and lockdowns all over the world, about 43% of the users increased the use of social media to discover new products and services.
  • 78% of the customers believe that positive interaction with a brand increased their willingness to become a repeat buyer.

(Source: Sprout Social)

2. Brand Resonance and Recognition

Marketing teams all over the world work very hard to create a brand that resonates with a user and becomes instant recognition. Consumers always want to buy from a brand they recognize and many also show their loyalty towards it.

Brand loyalty leads to long-term business benefits. With the tools and services, all social media platforms offer, it has become easy to build a brand that resounds with the users. When the timelines are being scrolled, the strategic placements of ads make sure that consumers look at your brand even when they are not willing to buy.

3. Increased ROI

For digital marketing strategy, social media is a tool that is not only cost-effective but increases ROI. For social media, signing up is free and if you want to go with paid advertising, you can start with a small amount to check what the results are. Increased cost-effectiveness means that you can allocate a big budget for marketing.

Also, it requires too little time to get high conversion rates. It means greater ROI and you will recover the initial investment if the right strategy is followed. The best part is that a small advertising investment leads to organic traffic that could be directed to your website as well.

4. Understand Your Customers

The term social listening is becoming increasingly popular among businesses. With the use of external tools, you can always explore topics related to your brand and the conversations your customers are having. Some useful ideas on what your audience wants will surely help your business.

Getting to know the interest of your customers also leads to product development in your niche that resolves your consumer issues. The pain points can be segregated, and your in-house development team can work on a product that resolves the issues. This leads to increased brand awareness, and you are sure to get sales when your product addresses the most common concerns.

5. High-Class Customer Services

High-quality customer service is the backbone of any business. Customer loyalty can be increased significantly if the queries are answered timely and the right resolutions are provided. With social media, you can use prebuilt templates that will take care of the most common issues about a product that a customer faces.

6. Strong SEO Rankings

Over time, businesses have learned that it is important to send social signals to search engines. Google is no doubt one of the best resources of traffic, but it is not enough nowadays. Make sure that you never miss out on a ton of relevant traffic that social media can generate. Social signaling to search engines makes your SEO stronger, and traffic from social media solidifies your online presence.

7. Lead Generation

Facebook in particular is a great way to collect leads for your business, and these will be your customers in the future. Social media is a great way to generate leads and collect data. Once done, the same platforms can be used to reach out to the customers through emails and get them engaged in conversations. Engagement alone means that customers are now ready to purchase your product, and this makes pitching easy.

8. Content Distribution

Content sharing on multiple platforms has never been as easy as it is with social media. With integrations, cross-platform sharing is possible. It means that with a single post you can engage users that are on multiple platforms.

For instance, with Instagram, you can share the same post on Facebook. With a little tweak in your share settings, you get to share the content that creates a powerful image of your brand across multiple channels. You can also repost Photos, Videos and Reels on Instagram using Instagram video downloader apps.

9. Profitable Partnerships

Word of mouth and reviews on social media play an important role in increasing your sales. As a brand, you can collaborate with influencers that have huge social media followings. Some brands have seen an increase in sales by many folds through the content that was posted by influencers. This is the best way to drive the interest of the people, as they already believe in the people they follow.

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10. Get Viral

Viral content brings long-term benefits for your business. But the quality of content matters a lot. As your content is shared more people get to look at it and shares can be in thousands or even millions. This is important, as the content which has been shared by a friend acts as a prescreening. Getting viral just through the content is not easy at all, but it works so great that you’d better find some ways to create such content.

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