The Cutting Edge Tech Being Used in Warehouses

The modern warehouse is no longer a dusty workplace in a decaying building. Instead, it’s a streamlined workplace that is making as much use of cutting-edge technology as possible. That’s largely because of consumer demand for faster and more efficient delivery times.

From smaller warehouses to the ones that are bigger than some city centers, technology has been the key to growth, and the warehouse sector has always been agile enough to take advantage of the latest tech resources. From more intelligent stock management to more streamlined staff management, the modern warehouse would be too slow and cumbersome to run efficiently without those tech tools.

Here are some of the latest technologies being used in warehouses today.

SCV In Real-Time

Supply chain visibility (SCV) used to be something that a business had to leave down to trust and hope. Now, any business has access to the technologies that allow for real-time SCV, which means that they can not only monitor products as they move but can also pass that data along to their customers.

Factors like traffic patterns and road conditions can all be monitored as they happen, meaning that warehouse owners can make decisions based on real-world information. With the implementation of IoT sensor devices that can be added to packages, supply chain visibility is easier than ever. That means warehouses themselves are more efficient, boosting profits and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Already being used in larger operations, even smaller warehouses are starting to realize the value of augmented reality (AR). A potentially disruptive technology in terms of the busy and bustling warehouse, AR means that every object and product can be dramatically enriched with high-value information and data. AR is effectively an expansion of the real world, with workers able to locate, pick, and pack products with more efficiency, and can even dictate their movements around the warehouse.

The data provided by AR can be in the form of videos, text, GPS data, or graphics. There are even wage factors to take into account since new hires won’t have to undergo lengthy training periods to know how to do their jobs. At the moment, AR in the warehouse is usually implemented via the smartphone. As more wearable tech becomes available, we can expect to see AR become increasingly prevalent in the warehouses of tomorrow.

Custom Conveyors

The conveyor belt has been a consistent presence in warehouses, but they are more cutting edge than ever before. Not only can they now be designed to more perfectly suit any given environment, but they also come with a wide range of customizable automation elements.

Automation is becoming one of the key must-haves for any warehouse environment, and the latest solutions from big-name brands, are ensuring that warehouse operators have all of the tools they need. With consumer demand focused so intently on delivery speed, the ability to move products around a facility at speed has never been more important.

The modern warehouse is a data-driven, streamlined and ultra-efficient workspace. As technologies continue to evolve, so too do warehouses. The newest cutting-edge technologies are just as valuable for warehouse owners and businesses as they are for tech firms.

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