How to Use Technology to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

An old adage goes: distance makes the heart grow fonder. As romantic as that notion sounds, being perpetually away from your significant other can take a toll on you and your relationship. Statistics suggest that 56.6% people consider long distance relationships less satisfying than the ones with close physical proximity.

That said, with technology making the world more close knit, chances of falling for someone who lives miles off are higher than ever before. If you do land in a long distance relationship – through online dating platforms, social media or travels – technology can also be the glue that binds you together. Here’s how:

Text, Text, Text

If you and your potential love interest live in different locations, text messages can prove to be the oxygen that fuels the spark between you two into a full-blown fire. In those initial days, when you’ve gone from looking for tips for online dating profile to finding that perfect match, long conversations can feel forced and video calls too intimate.

Text message provide the perfect neutral territory to build up a connection. You can convey things in the moment, and yet give the other person the liberty to respond at their convenience. You can use smartphone messaging apps to stay in touch and chat using emojis, stickers and many more attractive features.

Video Calls to Start and End the Day

Sharing a cup of coffee in the morning or talking late into the night – it is the little things that cement a relationship over time. Just because you’re not in the same city, doesn’t mean your relationship should be bereft of these niceties. Use video calls to start and end your day together. It may not make up for the absence but it is definitely the next best thing. You can use good video calling apps like Google Duo, FaceTime or Skype.

Do Stuff Together

Going to the movies, watching a show curled up on the sofa, sharing beer over a game – these are just typical things that couples do together. With tech tools like screen-sharing content and virtual gaming platforms, you no longer have to miss out of these little moments. Set some time aside each week for a movie night or a game night, get on a video call – or better still invest in a wearable camera – and have a date.

Finally, Visit Each Other

The excitement of meeting after a long spell of separation is what keeps long distance relationships going. Say you’ve found someone on the dating site and you live in London, make it a point to visit each other as often as you can. It bodes well if you’re in the dating club because that means you’re both in a more stable position to take time out of your professional and personal obligations and prioritise your relationship.

Every relationship requires some work and effort. Long distance ones even more so. But if it feels right in your bones, it’s every bit worth the trouble, the longing and the pressure. For when you’re together, nothing else matters.

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