Data Protection Tips: How to Keep Your Data Safe in 2022

Modernization and advancement in technology come loaded with unthinkable challenges and consequences. The whole world’s population is familiar with the internet, and if not many, they all have at least one or two accounts.

A few decades ago, the kids were naïve enough to know about the internet and explore its wonders. But the advancing years of the 21st century have made many wondrous upgrades and improvements. Every version of our mobile software promises better performance than the previous version. The same implies to those several applications that are using our email address and personal information.

With millions of users over the internet, the data produced ranges around 2.5 quintillion bytes every day, and it will keep growing further. Many people are joining new platforms by filling the signup forms and giving their personal information. They have apps logged in through various devices.

The internet has its pros and cons; a data breach is one of the drawbacks. We often upload information on multiple social media apps or websites, but there is always a probability of data abuse. The violation was blatant, so when it happened, everyone rushed to find a solution for its prevention.

How to Secure Your Data?

Be it an individual or a company; their need to secure data is indispensable. The website has its programs that require unique passwords or asks the users to follow the instructed password details to avoid hacking.

Multinational companies hire people who have either a regular or online degree in data analytics to conclude information, from the raw data, and make it a useful resource. These skilled individuals also present strategies or suggestions to prevent a data breach of the company and employees. If you are thinking of pursuing an online degree, make sure to do your research properly before picking one.

None of us will want our accounts hacked or confidential information available to someone else that can misuse it. We can all take certain precautions that will assist in securing our data.

1. Do not ignore the updates

We all get notifications about the software or any application update. The system update contains more secure programs and language. They rewrite the programming language and remove the odds of any bugs or malware that can lead to an information leak or hacking.

The device operating system gets out of date over time, and it provides easy access to piracy or any other data violation. Frequent updates will keep the bugs and malware at bay and keep your details intact and safe. For example, Google provides monthly security updates to all eligible Pixel phones to keep them secure.

2. Manage your passwords

When we talk about data security, many people confuse it with privacy. Both terms are not the same. Have you been using the same passwords over different sites? If your answer is yes, that your privacy is at stake and can fall victim to information leaks. Secure accounts equal to strong privacy. Many people use the same passwords as they have trouble remembering multiple passwords.

We can secure privacy by creating unique passwords, and to manage them, you can use a password manager to autosave the passwords. Password managers can also suggest unique passwords and store them to lessen your burden of recalling a password every time.

3. Go for two-factor authentication

With the pandemic outbreak, many people shifted to use different games and apps that require passwords and information. The cybercriminals also ramped up their efforts to take advantage of this pandemic. One of the best options to prevent a disastrous breach of data is to activate two-factor authentication. The authentication is a secure way to alert you through SMS with a code to log in if someone is trying to hack your account. It can prevent identity-related breaches.

4. Look at email domain

Many of us are too lazy to read the privacy terms of any app or website, and we do not pay copious attention to the domain name. Hackers and thieves generate fake email domains and lure users into creating an account that will deliver the information directly.

If you are working on a Microsoft site or email, make sure that the domain contains the same name. You may also receive emails requesting to be from your banks and ask you to wire money into another account. Double-check the email before you fall victim to such fraud.

5. Backup and encrypt

Data encryption, by far, is the safest way to secure your sensitive information. Encryption involves locking a file or app with a password that you can move to your cloud. It will require a password if someone wants to open it. You can also activate this encryption on your laptops or phones if someone else is using it.

Do not rely on your devices or emails. Gadgets can face technical lags, and emails can get hacked. It is crucial to generate a backup of your files, and for further safety, lock it with a password before you upload it on the cloud. Even clouds can also face a breach, but encryption can save you.


With the rise in the pandemic, where people were afraid of contracting the virus and facing social distance, many turned towards digital gadgets. Some people turned into gamers, while some used this opportunity to create accounts on various apps to learn or keep themselves busy. It also gave rise to cybercrimes, as hackers got active, and data breaches were everywhere.

Thankfully, the data breach is not that easy as it was decades ago. There are multiple ways to secure data. One can use encryption through zip files, using VPNs, and by disabling location and microphone permission on unnecessary applications.

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