4 Common Ways Someone Can Spy on Your Emails

Keeping your emails private is vital. By accessing your email account, someone can invade your privacy, read your personal communications, or blackmail you. A malicious person can also use your email to reset your sensitive accounts and gain access to your banking or credit card data. To protect your email account, you must adopt the following measures:

  • Avoid opening suspicious emails and suspicious attachments.
  • Don’t store or send confidential information by email.
  • Activate your spam filter and steer clear of emails caught in the spam folder.
  • Only check your email on a secure connection.

In addition, you must learn about the common ways a threat actor can spy on your emails to develop suitable countermeasures.

1. Keyloggers

Keyloggers are a type of malware that essentially logs your keystrokes, though some can be more sophisticated. Keyloggers come in software and hardware form. To protect yourself from a software keystroke logger right now, please download an anti-malware tool and scan for malicious software. To check if you have a hardware keylogger, check your computer for peripherals you don’t recognize.

Some hardware keyloggers are devices that attach to your computer; others are built into keyboards, while others still may look like USB thumb drives. Although keyloggers don’t display many symptoms, your computer may slow down from a keylogger infection, or you may notice unknown programs on your computer.

2. Spyware

The spyware malware is quite dangerous. It quietly hides in your computer or phone and sends pictures, videos, and more to a threat actor. Spyware can also take screenshots of your text messages, emails, and more. Run a spyware scanner to remove any spyware from your system.

3. Stalkerware

Stalkerware is a type of spyware that helps predators, trolls, and jealous partners stalk their victims. Not only does stalkerware track activity, but it can spy on your emails.

Stalkerware usually looks like mobile phone security software. To remove stalkerware, audit your mobile phone apps and remove any you don’t trust or apps that unnecessarily require access to your sensitive information, like your contact list.

4. Brute Force Attack

A brute force attack is a common way for a threat actor to breach your account and spy on your emails. With such an attack, a hacker uses countless password combinations in less than a minute until they find the right one. That’s why it’s time to set a sophisticated password for your email.

Ideally, your password should be 10-12 characters long and a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and alphabets. Please also avoid using significant words, phrases, or dates in the password. Moreover, your password should never be something as simple as ‘123456’ or ‘abcd.’

Choose the answers to your password security questions carefully. For example, don’t pick your pet’s name as an answer. Please also use two-step authentication for added security. Even if someone has your password, they can’t log into your account from your computer so easily with this feature activated.

People have been trying to be sneaky about spying on emails since the inception of email. These are four common ways someone can snoop on your email. Use the best password security protocols and download top anti-malware software to safeguard your accounts. You should use trusted mobile security apps to protect your phone from viruses and malware.

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