7 Reasons You are not Getting Good Social Media Results

Not too much, not too little is the key to social media marketing success.

Social media account management is an art in its own right. Striking the balance between right timing and effective techniques is the secret for getting optimum results from social media marketing endeavors. However, not every social media campaign yields desired results because sometimes the approach adopted to reach out to an audience through social networking platforms ends up doing more harm than good.

Here are seven mistakes you may be making if your business’ social media marketing strategy does not seem to be headed in the right direction:

7. Too Many Social Media Accounts

There are approximately 35 different types of social media marketing services available today. Besides popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Tumblr, YouTube and LinkedIn, there are scores of other lesser known options too.

Opening and managing accounts on each of these sites can become a business in its own right, especially for smaller organizations. Usually, those who open and manage accounts on all these sites, publish posts that are vague, if not confusing.

This brings up reliability issues to the front, estranging your present and potential customers away from your brand. Whereas a small number of social media accounts that are relevant and friendly is what reverses this issue.

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6. Typo and Punctuation Mistakes

“To be human is to err,” is how an adage goes. But on Facebook posts, and tweets, you would want to minimize typos and petty punctuation mistakes, if not completely eradicate them.

Every typo and incorrect punctuation mark hits the reader like a bolt and compromises your credibility.

It gives your audience a sense that you lack expertise and even small things like a typing error can create trust issues for your brand down the road.

5. Too Many Hashtags

Hashtags have become an important tool in social media conversations today. However, it is important to understand that the intended purpose of a hashtag is to make your posts easily searchable in the quagmire of content prevalent on these sites.

You can now use hashtags on any major social media platform: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, anywhere. Therefore, it is important to use hashtags sparingly and judiciously.

Since hashtags comprise a cluster of unspaced words, one must avoid use of complex and long phrases while hashtagging a post.

Besides avoiding hashtags on every post, it is equally important to not stuff a single post with too many hashtags. Keep it relevant and concise.

Reading upon a guide of dos and don’ts can be helpful in tapping the full potential of this tool.

4. Spamming

Your audience like to hear from you, and so it is a good idea to maintain a consistent flow of social media posts. However, it may put your potential customers off if your posts are all that they can see on their social media profiles. Spamming your target audience with excessive posts can prove counter-productive.

Besides, too many posts might mean you are trying to justify yourself. But if you are a genuine brand, why would you justify yourself?

It is a good idea to turn to software such as Hootsuite and Buffer for better management of different social media accounts simultaneously. It helps you post just the right amount of content, be it text, pictures, audios, or videos.

3. Being Egocentric – Only Talking About Yourself

If you talk about your brand endlessly, this might mean that you are an egocentric maniac or a towering hubris. On the contrary, an occasional reference to your brand, or soft calls-to-action is what you might want to do. By showing that the personnel behind your brand are humble humans, boosts customer perception positively.

Instead of focusing your marketing initiatives on yourself or your brand, try to whip up a customer-centric strategy. Create engaging posts that compel your audience to interact with you and be prompt in your replies. Maintaining a two-way communication with your potential customers goes a long way in establishing brand loyalty.

2. Buying Followers

Buying followers means constantly running the risk of ruining your reputation. What if some unfortunate day the beans are spilled and your real fans find out your company has bought a large number of fake followers? The best approach is to be patient and earn followers in an organic manner.

1. No Customer Feedback

Social media sites are a two-way communication street. You can’t just talk at your target audience, without engaging with them.

Opening a social media account to only market your brand and not responding to customer criticism also damages brand reputation. Be open to criticism and respond to customer feedback, be humble toward negative feedback and use it as a learning experience to improve your products and services.

Follow the concept of humble people running a company, humans interact with each other and listen to each other. This shows that you are trustworthy enough to listen to others.


Auto engagements is an art that your brand needs to master and being friendly and moderate is the way to go.

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