How to View Instagram Accounts without Following

Since its advent as a social media platform, Instagram has become the hub for people to showcase and share everything with everyone across the globe, from hobbies to work stuff, trip experiences, relationships, family, health, and much more. You basically get to see everything on Instagram.

While Instagram is where almost everything and everyone is seen, there are still individuals who use private accounts. These are persons who only choose a select group of people they wish to let into their lives. And, while there’s nothing wrong with this practice, there are people who wish to connect, acquire information, or even market their businesses to fellow users with ease, which can be a challenge when it’s time to approach these private profiles.

That being said, here are different ways one can view Instagram accounts without actually following them:

1. Use Google

Google is the all-knowing search engine that offers you solutions whenever you’re stuck. And, if the current issue is how to without causing you any stress, then Google is one of your surest plugs.

Google can be a solution to the private account problem because prior to such accounts going on private mode, they’re once public. This means that Google got to store the little available information these accounts had while they’re still within public reach.

To find the account, copy and paste the intended username into the Google search bar, and the engine will then load all the information it has in relation to the person and provide results.

From the image results generated by Google, you can see some pictures from the user’s Instagram account that were tagged on the same platform, as well as other social media channels. You can also get the person’s real name, and even links to their other social media accounts, like Facebook and LinkedIn.

2. Use Instagram Viewer Tools

If your goal is to see private Instagram accounts, another perfect solution for this dilemma would be to use Instagram viewer tools. These are third-party applications designed to dig in and find what you can’t on your own.

Countless Instagram profile viewer tools are available these days Some of the best ones include the likes of Glassagram, uMobix, eyeZy, mSpy, Instalooker, PrivateInsta, IGmods, and Gwaa, among many others. Each app has its own unique features, and while all the above-mentioned ones are great options, with a trial, you can choose the best private Instagram viewer for your needs.

It’s important to note that although these apps are very effective, many aren’t free and require you to pay a fee once installed. Also, beware of the viewer app you choose as some may put your personal details or data at risk of being stolen. Hence, it should be in your best interest to carry out thorough research on the top choices available and ultimately take the best pick out of the bunch depending on your requirements.

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3. Through Other Social Media Platforms

If a third-party app sounds scary, another way to access the mystery user is through other social media platforms.

Social Media folder on a smartphone showing different social media apps' icons
Different Social Media Apps

The likes of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and others are a perfect way for you to access all the information you need about the private account. Most users use and share the same details, videos, and photos across their social media platforms, therefore, there’s a high probability that whatever it is you can’t find on Instagram, you’ll find it on another platform.

What you can do is copy the username from Instagram and paste it into the search bars of other social media platforms. By doing so, there’s quite an assurance that you’d be able to retrieve some information about a particular user in no time.

4. Use A Friend’s Account

Another brilliant way to view an Instagram account without following is to access it through a mutual follower.

If you’re lucky enough, there’s a probability that someone on your list of friends is following the private account, especially if that private user is popular on Instagram. You can ask your friend to help you check for the information you’re looking for and take screenshots, or directly use the person’s phone or account to check for what you need.


With an Instagram account, you’re eligible to reach out to anyone in the world easily, except, of course, for the private ones. Hopefully, this article has dutifully covered simple and effective steps you can take to access the information needed from these private accounts without hitting the follow button. By using Google, viewer tools, other social media platforms, or a friend’s account, chances are high that your snooping efforts will prosper in the end.

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