Android Oreo 8.1 Rolling out for Moto G5s Plus


There are so many users wondering about Android Pie update for Moto G5 Plus, G5s and G5s Plus. When will these devices will get Android P? Will these devices get any further Android OS update/Security Patches or not?

Here we’re answering all your these questions.

Motorola has released a list of the devices which will get Android P. And there’s no any device from Moto G5 family is included in that list. Below is the list of the Motorola devices which will receive Android Pie update.

  • Motorola One
  • Motorola One Power
  • Moto Z3
  • Moto Z3 Play
  • Moto Z2 Force Edition
  • Moto Z2 Play
  • Moto X4
  • Moto G6 Plus
  • Moto G6
  • Moto G6 Play


So, the chances are very very less that Moto G5s Plus or any other G5 devices will get Android P. But Moto G5s Plus is still getting Android security updates. The last patch was February 2019. Check out details about the latest Android Security Patches on this page.



– After Moto G5s Plus and G5 Plus, now Moto G and Moto G5s also started getting Android Oreo update in India as mentioned on Motorola software update page.

– Moto G5 Plus also started getting Android Oreo 8.1 update in India. We’ll update here when update is available for Moto G5 and G5s.

Finally, Android Oreo 8.1 for Moto G5s Plus is rolling out in India. We’ve tested on two Moto G5s Plus devices (MFN registered and non-MFN) and it’s available for download for both. So, it seems that it’s final stable update. This update Includes:

  • Android Oreo 8.1
  • August Security Patch
  • Stability Improvements


Below are the version details after the update.

  • Android Version: 8.1.0
  • Security Patch Level: 1 August 2018
  • Build Number: OPS28.65-36


Below are a few screenshots taken from Moto G5s Plus. Have a look at them.

Android Oreo 8.1 update available for Moto G5s Plus



Moto G5s Plus updated to latest version


If you’ve received the update and found something interesting or new, please share with us in the comments below. We’ll publish the next post soon covering what’s changed after the update. Stay tuned with us on Facebook, Twitter or you can subscribe to our blog.




There are so many members reporting on the Lenovo Forum that they have not received the Android Oreo update. While there a few members sharing screenshots of the updated version. But such members are only a few. Some members are calling those screenshots from Soak test version.

There are also a few screenshots shared by members having conversation with Moto Agents. And as per those screenshots, Moto Agents are saying that it’s under soak test (soak test is one kind of beta testing) yet.

We also tried on a Moto G5s Plus (India) device to check for updates. But there’s no Android Oreo update available for that Moto G5s Plus phone yet. It’s showing Android 7.1.1 as the latest version.

Right now, we don’t have any confirmation that Android Oreo stable version for Moto G5, Moto G5 Plus and Moto G5s Plus is rolled out or not. If you guys have received an update or have any news about this update, please share with us via comments below or on Facebook or Twitter. Stay tuned for more  updates!


Android Oreo update has been rolled out for following devices in India, Brazil and Mexico.

  • Moto G5
  • Moto G5 Plus
  • Moto G5s Plus

This update includes Android Oreo 8.1, August Security Patch and Stability & Performance improvements.

It’s rolling out in phases. It means it’s rolled to a limited devices. You can check on your phone by going into settings and check for updates whether it’s available or not.

If it’s not available, don’t worry. As it’s rolled out in phases your phone will receive it very soon. It might be that Motorola first want to check how update is rolling, is it smooth or not or it has any bugs or not. They might want to check such aspects before rolling it on a large scale. So, be patient and wait until you get notification on your phone. But it’s very close now. You may get it within couple of days if everything goes well.

Anyone who has already received the update, please let us know. Also you can share screenshots with us on Twitter and Facebook. We’d appreciate that and it will help other readers as well.

You can also share your feedback about the update process and what changes you are seeing after the update.


As per our speculation the stable version may become available for download around mid September. It may come with September security patch. We’ll update here regarding this Android Oreo update. Stay tuned with us!


Moto G5s Plus getting Android security update through 1st June 2018. It doesn’t include Android Oreo.

Release notes showing Android Oreo 8.1 appear for Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus. But we don’t see any actual user confirming the update.

If you own Moto G5 or G5 Plus and have received any update, please let us know in the comments below.




As mentioned on the Motorola Brazil’s update page, Android Oreo for Moto G5s Plus is pending for adaptations and tests. It means the stable rollout is near.

Motorola has removed that page containing release notes of Android Oreo 8.1 and security update through 1st June 2018 for Moto G5s Plus from the support page.


Android Oreo update is coming soon for Moto G5s Plus.

This update may include much awaited Android Oreo version 8.1 and other improvements. It may also include Android Security patches until 1st June 2018.

We’ll update here once it’s available for download.

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Chris Michael
Chris Michael
5 years ago

Yeah this is pathetic. I have had Moto phones since the G2 and have been happy. This lack of support is just truly sad. I agree, there is ZERO chance of buying more Moto phones for myself and the family. Very very disappointed. And the lack of ANY Lenovo employees offering any real world answers, with attitudes is the final… Read more »

5 years ago

For almost a YEAR I waited for a promised swift update to Oreo, still waiting… And now even cheap Nokias are getting PIE.. This is the last Motorola phone I will ever own. Lenovo are liars. Slow liars. I will donate this piece of crap to my idiot cousin. Nokia here I come.

Nanaware Ajit M.
Nanaware Ajit M.
5 years ago

Not coming for Oreo update for my mobil